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A unique and inexpensive way to bring real sunlight into dark rooms with the help of a dish and fiber optics.


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Let there be real light


The Solros system consists of a unique sun-following mirror Dish that reflects sunshine onto a bundle of fiber optics in a Cable that can then be distributed into any dark rooms, either to multiple Luminaries to be placed freely, or to the Lightbox, Solros discreet fitting.


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A stainless steel mirror dish to place on the users roof, balcony or any other place with as much sunshine as possible – preferably all day.


A discreet and ambitiously designed  sunlight distributor, to be mounted in ceilings, in light shafts or any other place where daylight is needed.


A bundle of 37 fiber optics that delivers great light even at 20+  meters (plastic, as delivered in stage 1/Kickstarter) and 100+ meter with glass fiber.



What happens when it is cloudy?

Solros concentrates sunshine. So if there is no sunshine Solros will wait, and as soon as there is sunshine again Solros will deliver it to your room.


How does the system work?

Solros follows the sun, even when it is cloudy, and as soon as there is sunshine the Dish concentrates the sunshine into optical fibers in the cable. The optical fibers lead the light and when it arrives in your room the Lightbox distributes the light.


What do I need to install a Solros system?

1. You need to have somewhere with sunshine to place the Solros dish; roof, terrrace, yard, wall etc.

2. ‎You need somewhere to place the Lightbox.

3. ‎You need to have some basic skills in how to install a cable in your house or apartment. There is information available in our guides. Or you can find someone to help you with the installation here.


Can I buy a new set of fiber optic cables if they turn out too be to short or too long?

Yes – we will be selling cables individually at a reasonable price.


How do I install the system?

You place the system in a sunny spot, lead the cables into the room where you want the light. Mount cables in the Solros box. And turn the Solros on.


How far can Solros lead the light?

The fibers attenuates the light so your actual light output will depend on the length of your optical fiber cable. The light is still great over 20 m with plastic fiber – and with glass fiber it can reach over 100 m with great effect!


What happens when the sun goes up?

So does Solros. As soon as the sun starts shining the Solros is there to catch the sunshine.


What happens during the night?

Nothing. Solros is sleeping.


What happens when the sun goes down?

When the sun goes down Solros will go to its resting position and sleep, meaning it will use almost no power.


Glass fiber leads light better than plastic, why not use that instead?

In the future, most definitely! But: one of the problems we encountered was the cost of glass fiber, which few families or individuals could afford for their household and thus rendered the existing sunshine harvesting product very expensive. We realised that a normal house or apartment seldom have more than a few meters or maybe in some cases 10-15 meters from roof to room with bad natural light, which is why we offer plastic cable as an entry product to the world of Solros.


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